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1) Don’t be an addict to tv programmes .First,disconnect ur cable tv ,then only u will be able to do anushtaanam ,really u will be able to do will have lot of time.(especially for women).
2) Entertain yourself in any useful activities like gardening,reading,music,social services etc.
3) Teach your children about dharma sastra in their childhood and be a roll-model for them.
4) Create a suitable environment for ur child.Assit & encourage him to practice dharma anushtanam.
5) Read the dharma sastras regularly every day whether you follow it or not.Reading itself brings u great virtues.
6) Don’t admit your child in co-education school or colleges as this may lead to inter-caste love marriage & varna sankaryam(collapse society set-up of varnas).
7) Make marriage arrangements for ur child as young as possible.(boys-below 17,girls-below 12 yrs)
8) Don’t eat in hotels.
9) Have a shika (tuft) to make ur rites fruitful
10) Perform sandhyavandhana thrice daily.
11) If married do aupaasanam,agnihotra,vaishvadevam daily.
12) In kaliyuga dhanam(charity) & naama sankirthana are said to be more fruitful & powewrful.
13) Give food for bhramachari’s ,sanyasins and unknown guests daily if married.Or calculate the amount of rice and give it to mutts or patasalas every month.
14) Study and recite atleast a small portion of ur veda.
15) Atleast try to have the basic knowledge of sanskrit.
16) One cannot be considered as a brahmin if he crosses the sea (i.e. the limits of bharat desa)
17) There is no expiatory(praayashchittha) rite for crossing the seas in kaliyuga.
18) For livelihood brahmin can do only any of the below:
1)teach vedas &sastras(adhyaapanam)
2)get charity (Prathigraham)
3)do vedic rites for others (yaajanam)
4)do farming by others(krishi)
5)finance at dharmic interest rate
6) do shilpam (cooking food for others)
7)maintain cows ,but should not sell its milk(Gosamrakshanam)
8)Doing unjavritti(unja=picking.i.e.picking leftover grains from the farm fields)
19)Must not sell those which are prohibited in the sastras.e.g.rice,salt ,oil,pulses etc
20)Must not work under shudras.