One should do his "VARNA ASHRAMA DHARMA" by knowing the (Dharma) SHAASTRAM-Srimadh Bhagavath Gita

Marriage for girls at 18 yrs is the need of the hour!

Today is Valentine's day!. Inter caste love marriages rampant these days in Brahmin community & other communities too. If not at 18 yrs of age ( as recommended by Kanchi Mahaswami as per rule of land) for girls, 21yrs need to be the Max age for girls for marriage . Many parents & girls need to understand. Studies & job can be done after marriage by 18 yrs too. Brahmin  community is in grt threat due to this late marriage mindset!.People need to know that late marriages are the fountain head of various social,health,mental problems these days. If not kannika dhaana at least nischayathartha when she is minor & marriage once she becomes major by law (the next muhurtha after attain 18 yrs of age) will be more appropriate as of now. Ppl need to ponder over!.

Unlike Kannika dhaana marriage none of her friends can stop her marriage by reporting to police or missionaries if she gets married by 18 yrs (while studying second yr in college).  Girls may take correspondence or home study courses like CA,CS,Music etc.

Even if few put this '18 yr old marriage' for girls into practice there would be a great impact on others. Many will emulate in other communities too. Some of  responsible parents need to begin this revolution ASAP.

See how Christian Bishops are very much concerned about this new social threat to their religion.

Shikodakam, vAsodaka tarpana mantras after taking bath to satisfy pithru devatas

Shika: (Niveethi, making shika in front & allowing water to flow in front thru the tip of shika )
LathA vruksheshu gulmeshu vartantae pitharo mama|
thaeshAm AppyAyanarthanthu idham asthu Shikodakam ||
Vastra:(Prachinaveeethi & by folding cloth 2 or 4 times)
uchishta bhAgino dAsA yae mruthA thvamantraka: |
thripyanthu tharuthAm prAptha mama sambandhino mruthA:||
Anga vastra:
YaekaechAsmath kulae jAthA aputra gotrajA mruthA: |
Thae grunanthu maya dhattham vastra nishpeedanodakam ||

Ahimsa: Impact of Buddhism on Hinduism?.NO!

Diet of hindus was mainly vegetarian since time immemorial. Consumption of beef is prohibited. But consumption of meat etc is accepted only as prasad (Yagya Shaesha) after ritulas that too in very small quantity during 'special occasions'. Non-veg is NOT advocated for daily diet. Saying Change of culture after advent of Jainism & budhhism is unacceptable.