One should do his "VARNA ASHRAMA DHARMA" by knowing the (Dharma) SHAASTRAM-Srimadh Bhagavath Gita

Ahimsa: Impact of Buddhism on Hinduism?.NO!

Diet of hindus was mainly vegetarian since time immemorial. Consumption of beef is prohibited. But consumption of meat etc is accepted only as prasad (Yagya Shaesha) after ritulas that too in very small quantity during 'special occasions'. Non-veg is NOT advocated for daily diet. Saying Change of culture after advent of Jainism & budhhism is unacceptable.

Did brahmins eat beef in sacrifices ?

NO. They did not eat. They should not eat beef.

BUT, they have to consume a small quantity (mustard size) of goat meat as 'Prasad' of Devathas to make the sacrifice fruitful. IF they refuse, it is considered as humiliating Devathas & the sacrifice become futile. It is COMPULSORY to take meat of Goat as prasad after offering to devathas!.

So, understand that brahmins didn't eat heaps of beef after sacrifice.

Were cows slaughtered for sacrifices?

NO. 'Pashu' in sanskrit means animals in general. In ritual scriptures it means GOATS. NOT COWS. Wherever we see that so many pashus were sacrificed in rituals we need to understand that it was goats. No where in scriptures it is said to sacrifice cows.

So understand that  hindus did not kill cows!. eg. In 'Pashu bandha' ritual  goats should be sacrificed. Not cows.Similarly in Somayagas like Yajapeya etc.

Need of the hour! For those who wish to protect our vedic culture!

  1. As Hindus must have shika (tuft),They should sport a Shika like their fore-fathers or at least a small Shika admidst their hair.
  2. Hindus must always have a religious mark like Vibhuthi (holy ash) or Thiru Naamam (or Gopi Chandhan)on their forehead.In case of women kumkum,sindhoor as per tradition etc.,
  3. Girls should  be married as earlier as possible to prevent love marriages and inter caste marriages.Vedic Scriptures orders Hindu Parents to get their daughters married before they attain the age of 12 or puberty (whichever is earlier).There is a great scientific reason behind this rule.If you do some research you will get to know the facts and start to praise the scriptures how scientific it is!.
  4. Hindus should not study in Co-Ed schools and colleges which leads to inter-caste love marriages.Varna Saankaryam is said as a great sin even in Srimath Bhagavath Gita!.
  5. Hindus consisiting of Brahmanas,kshatriya,Vaishya & shudras must always try to stick to their "swa-dharma" to their extent possible.In short, Must follow the traditions of the Jaati Dharma & earn a livelihood as done by their ancestors.
  6.  Brahmins Must perform their daily vedic rites without fail.
  7.  BrahminsMust avoid eating in hotels.
  8. Brahmins Must not eat onions,garlic etc..
  9.  Brahmins Must earn a livelihood by the ways said to brahmins.i.e. by adyapanam,yaajanam,prathigraha(Teaching,Officating as priests,recieve gifts)
  10. Brahmins must take care that they are not criticized in the media.
  11. Many PIL's must be filed in the court to protect our dharma,to live a decent dignified life,etc whichever is necesscary,
  12. Must educate our children about great vedic Hindu heritage and must educate them about our dharma shastras and make them to follow it by ourselves being a roll-model.
  13. Ladies must not go for work.(Let us live a simple life with the salary of the earning head!.Let women not compete with men for job opportunities who are still unemployed).Ladies can exib=hibit their talent in spiritual or social causes.I think hinduism can be saved only by the involvement of women.It was protected actually.
  14. We Must wear only traditional dress,atleast at home or during worship.When it is not necessary,We need not imitate the Western people in our dress,language etc when we get out to behave socially in the society.
  15. Brahmins must learn vedas,dharma shastras ,sanskrit  daily.
  16. Brahmins Must perform sandhya vandhana,aupasanam,agnihotra,vaishvadevam daily.
To call ourselves as brahmins we must atleast know the following dharmas!



Our Bharath desha is suffering from famine and floods these days frequently.Insufficient rainfall,failing of monsoon,changes in climate cycles,abundant rain cause failure in agriculture.It leads to less production of food grains, price raise of food grains which makes poor people to be under poverty.

To increase agricultural productivity by getting sufficient rainfall is the need of the hour now.We are facing severe power cuts due to lack of electricity production by hydel-power stations,which finally leads to suffering of citizens.If dams are full, we will be self-sufficient in both agricultural and industrial sectors.So,RAIN is a must for the development of a country.

In order to get good amount of rainfall we need to adopt the following which have been prescribed by vedic scripture for world's welfare.If we follow the following its sure that we can get good rain.They are:

  1. Brahmins need to do sandhya ritual regularly thrice a day to please the sun god by giving arghya(water offering with mantras) in time.This pleases sun god who evoporates water in seas and make it rain in land (in catchment areas of dams).It is said that only 1/4th of rainfall is falls in land & 3/4th in seas which is of no use.If we do sandhya we can get full rainfall in land.
  2. Brahmins have to do agnihotra & aupasanam twice a day.As said by Manu maharishi the offerings given to lord Agni reaches the atmosphere in form of smoke which helps in formation of clouds .
  3. Brahamanas must recite vedas daily in brahma yagya to get rainfall.
  4. Brahmanas must perform yagyas like agnishtoma,athagnishtoma,ukkthya,shodashi,athitraathram, aptoryama& vajapeya atleast once in their lifetime(which is their duty i.e.among 40 samskaaraas).Bhagavath Gita says,
"Annaath bhavanthi bhoothani PARJANYATH anna sambhava:|
YAGYAATH bhavanthi PARJANYO Yagya karma samuthbhava:||" (Ch 3.14)

Living beings come into being from food,food is produced by rainfall,rainfall occurs from the performance of vedic sacrifices,performances of vedic rituals originate from intention to do Karma yoga.

Shlokas from 10 to 15 in chapter Three of bhagavth gita proclaims the importance of yagyas!

5.Performance of KAAREERA ISHTI brings rain immediately if performed in accordance to shastras.Many have seen this in reality when some villages were under severe drought.

6.Doing Varuna japa without consumption of salt in food by brahmanas.

7.Doing athithi sathkaara (i.e. feeding unknown guests) and bhiksha dhana(donating food) to vedic students(brahmacharis) and sanyasis daily.

8.By respecting rivers & other water bodies by not polluting them with human wastes,industrial wastes,drainage etc.,.Spitting directly in rivers,entering a river without washing the feet leads to anger of water gods who in return bring less or no rainfall.

9.Studying and teaching vedas & shastras daily.Or atleast helping those who do it,by way of donating money.

10.Proper performance of rituals in temples .Priest and devotees must worship in accordance to shastras.( see below TEMPLE RESTRICTIONS).

There is a famous saying in tamil,

"Vedam othiya vethiyarkku Oor mazhai,
Neethi mannar neriyinarkku Oor mazhai,
Mathar karpudai mangayarkku oor mazhai
ena maatham mummaari mazhai peyumae"

which means,

If Brahmins recite vedas, if Rulers govern the country in accordance to shastras(i.e.without corruption etc..) and if Women are chaste to their husband then we get rain thrice a month without fail.

So the onus is now on Brahmins,rulers and women to get good rainfall!
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