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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Is varna decided by birth or deeds?


To know the actual answer for this, study the Srimath Geetha & Brahmasutra Bhasyas that were written by Sankara,Ramanuja & Madhwacharya in sanskrit ONLY.Only they will give the actual purport.Several other recent commentators have written for their convenience against the actual purport by hiding the real truth.These above 3 commentators have accepted it comes by birth and not by deeds.They have not misinterpreted AS IT IS DONE by several AANANDA'S nowadays to the public that it comes by deeds,mindset etc and not by birth!!!.READ THE ACTUAL SANSKRIT BHASHYAM.

My ONLY question to those who claim that Varna is NOT decided by birth is as follows,

Let us suppose that Varna is NOT decided by birth.As a believer of Hinduism,Every Hindu come under some Varna! Right?..ok!...Now.....You belong to some varna according to your argument that, it is ascertained by one's deeds & gunas and not by birth!...........Now,To which Varna do you think you belong to,as per your deeds & guna?.If you think that u r are a Kshatriya or vaishya by your gunaas & deeds,are you DOING the prescribed duties of that Varna???

So,Let Us STOP debating about Varna & let us START following Varna Ashrama Dharma if we think we are followers of Hinduism!

I will explain this in detail in near future when I find time.