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Thursday, February 5, 2009


What is pithru dosha?

Pithru means our ancestors who seek offerings in form of food and water from their sons.

Pithru dosha arise when we do the following:

  1. Not doing shraadha or atleast tharpanam (offering in form of water mixed withs seasum seeds) during shan navathi thithis (96 tharpanams i.e. during amavasya,birth of months,vaidrithi,manvadhi,yugadhi,ardodaya,mahodaya,ashtaka,anvashtaka etc..) in a year.
  2. Not doing ashtaka and anvashtaka shraaddha.
  3. Not doing pithru tharpanam in brahma yagya daily.
  4. Not offering pinda (rice balls) in vaishvadeva homa daily.
  5. Not doing pinda pithru yagya during every amaavaasya.
  6. Not respecting our parents when they are alive and when we do not provide facilities and help them during their old age.
  7. Not doing their funeral rites for 12 days from death as mentioned in the dharma shastras.
  8. Not doing aupaasanam,agnihotra daily.

Above are the main reasons.There are also various other reasons to attain pithru dosha.

How can pitru dosham be rectified?

1. By doing the above mentioned rites properly one can get rid off.

2. By doing thila homam with great care.

3. By donating thila do vedic brahmins generously.(Not less than 30 kgs)

4. By donating silver to vedic brahmins.(not less than 1 kg)