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 Rules that are to be followed by a woman during her monthly periods

  1. Must not brush her teeth with toothbrush.Must only gaugle the mouth 12 times and use fingers to clean  the mouth.If impossible,atleast clean them with help of toothpowder with fingers(excluding the forefinger).
  2. Must not apply oil to hair.
  3. Must take rest in a secluded place for three days.
  4. Must not do any household activities.(must take rest).
  5. Must not beautify herself by seeing the mirror.
  6. Must not cook for four days.
  7. Must be atleast 8 feet apart from others,so that they do not pollute others.
  8. Must not go outside,so that they do not pollute the environment.
  9. Must not travel with other people.
  10. Must take purificatory bath on fourth day morning after 8.30 AM and must see the sun for prosperity.
  11. Must start cooking and do household activities only from the 5th day.
  12. Must drink water only by joing both hands. 

If they follow these rules they will be bestowed with good health,prosperity,happiness,good children,live long with her husband and finally attain good worlds after death.Our shastras have great respect for women and cares for their welfare!