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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Some of my views:
  1. Every brahmin must start studying vedas as little as possible daily.
  2. He should at least recite few verses of the veda daily in Brahma yagya.
  3. Every householder must start doing at least Aupasanam and Vaishvadevam daily ,which is not a great task.It will take only 15 minutes.
  4. Must avoid shaving during prohibited days.
  5. Must not eat onion,garlic,drumstick,raddish etc..
  6. Must  at least donate one rupee to a learned vedic brahmin.
  7. Must give a handful of green grass to a Swadeshi cow.
  8. Married women should wear the traditional dress (like madisaar in South India) at least when they are inside the house and assit his husband in doing vedic rites.
  9. Married couples should send their children to vedic gurukulam in the right age(5 to 8 yrs) to learn the vedas and shastras.
  10. Marriage to the girl child must be done as earlier as possible atleast at 18yrs if it is not possible at 8yrs of age.
  11. Must try to learn sanskrit daily.
12.  Must plant vedic  ritual trees like arasu,atthi,vanni.PALASHA(butea monosperma),KARUNGALI(black catechu),maavalingam,neer nocchi,munja grass,ecchi which are nearing extinction.Without these trees vedic rituals are impossible.So try to plant these around your surroundings.If not atleast donate these trees to friends and relatives who will take care of it.

13.  We people did not get the opportunity to learn vedas & shastras at an earlier age.Atleast let our children start studying them earlier and grow as responsible brahmins.Its in the hands of the parents.

14.  Visit your near by temple in your traditional attire (Pancha kaccha,madisaar).

15.  House holders must donate food to brahmancharis learning vedas and to sanyasins.If this this not possible in your area,atleast collect six handful of uncooked rice in a pot and donate it to a veda patashala or mutts where sanyasins live.

16.  Do shraadha to your parents  every amavasya if they are no more.Atleast do it annaully once on their death thithi by giving offerings in agni.

17.  Do shannavathi (96)tharpanam to your ancestors in a year.(Thithis are Amavasya,manvathi,yugadhi,vaidridhi,ashtaka,anvashtaka,ardodaya,mahodaya,birth of every month which totals 96.These can be known with the help of your almanac/Panchang.Only sankalpa changes in these tharpanams.All other are same as Amasvyaasya tharpanam)

18.  Donate generoulsy to  vedic brahmins who are doing Agnihotra,soma yagyas.

19.  Try to avoid spending much time in watching TV.Utilize the time in useful manner by doing spiritual sadhanaas which would remove our sins and give mental peace.

20.  Do pranayaamam and meditation regularly while doing sandhya vandhanam.