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Monday, March 20, 2017

On Rain

An interview of 'weather forecast Ramanan' during Chennai floods where refuted the popular belief by saying "Trees & planting trees are in no way connected to bring rain".


Seek video from 33.15 mins

As he says methane & nitrogen oxide very dangerous green house gases responsible for global warming.


Gobar gas plants & stop using UREA in farming (Even if it is neem oil coated urea).
Govt introduced neem oil coated urea to prevent evaporation of nitrous oxide into atmosphere.

And too much irrigation by farmers  causing water clogged rice fields are also responsible for Methane emissions..

As he says 'winds & temperature' are main factors to produce rain.

In yagyas we give havir bhagaas (aahutis/
Oblations) to these rain bringing winds like 'purovaatha' etc & to Sun for getting that energy equivalent to atomic power to create cyclonic
winds to bring rain.

To get gd rain in rain forests of Western Ghats doing Somayagaas are indespensible. Performing at least one Somayagam in one's lifetime is a mandatory duty for Brahmana Kshatriya Vaishya Gruhasthaas.

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