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Sunday, March 19, 2017

How to get rain & cope with fodder scarcity ?

A Soma yaga (a rare madatory yagya) was performed at Trichy in 1st week of March.

"yagyAth bhavathi parjanya"- Gita 3.14

(Soma) Yagyas give rain.

Cash crops & tourism must be banned in hills. Tribals,elephants & tigers will take care of rain forests. Tirunelveli (Tamraparni) getting gd rain bcoz of Mudumalai tiger reserve & lack of tourism in hills. No gd measures from govt to control forest fires & illegal logging.
Lack of "IshtA poortha Dharma" main reason for water scarcity. IshtA means yagyas like Ishti.Might have seen it in almanac on prathamais. Poortha Dharma means kudimarAmatthu -community desilting of water bodies. Both Isthi & poortha are necessary. Inter dependent. No use in doing costly Somayagyas if our water bodies couldn't preserve water. #PWD must b made accountable.

Need of the hour : Legal knowledge for citizens (especially farmers) to make the govt & judiciary work. Warrant Balaws's books will give confidence that we can get timely justice even in this corrupt system.

Our govt too can emulate US Govt's community garden system for landless farmers. Porumboke lands for horticulture crops & pastures to cultivate fodder.

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