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1)Must not enter the temple by wearing shirt,pant ,chudidhars& other fashion dresses.
Must wear their traditional dress.(dhothi,saree,panchakaccham,madisar).
2)Must not chat,shout,wander,eat,play and sleep inside the temple.
3)Must not spit or dirty its premises.
4)Must not enter without having their pundra shown explicitly[oordhva(naamam) or thripundra(vibhuthi)].
5)Electric lights must not be lit inside the garbagraha(sanctorum).
6)Only ghee & oil lamps must be lit.
7)Must not urinate inside&outside the temple.
8)Must not bathe with soap,shampoo in the sacred temple pond.
9)Must not add detergent to wash clothes in the temple pond.
10)Must not urinate or excrete in the pond.
11)Must not throw plastic,paper and prasada covers inside the temple premises.
12)People without sikha (tuft) have no right to enter the sanctorum and ardha mandapam.
13)Must not go to temple with bare hands.
14)Must take self-plucked flowers,garlands,coconut,fruits,cow-ghee & etc with them.
15)Must not use mobiles,cameras.
16)Must chant only the names of god,stotras,divya prabandam,devaram,thiruvasagam& other thrirumuraigal.Orelse keep quite(mauna)
17)Must not make unnecesscary sounds or noises.
18)Must enter the temple after washing their feet and hands.
19)Must not go to the temple if they haven’t bathed or if they are unclean.
20)must not go for 10 days if any of their relatives are dead.
21)Usage of loudspeakers must be avoided inside and places near to the temples.
22)Commercial shops must not be inside the temples.
23)Must not waste the prasadam items.