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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What are the dharmic rules for SANYASIS?

1.Should always have a dhanda(bamboo staff) and kamandulu(used for abulations made of wood).If he is without these two he cannot be considered as a sanyasi but a chandala.

2.Should strictly observe celibacy.

3. Must not travel in vehicles.Should travel by foot only.

4.Must shave once in two months only.

5.Must take biksha and eat.

6.Must not travel abroad.

7.Should not indulge on wordly affairs.

8.Must not stay in a town more than three days.Must be in continous travel.

9.Must bathe thrice daily in cold water.

10.Must not save money for personal use.

11.Must concentrate only in doing sharavana,manana,nidhidhyaasana of vedhantha.

12.Should do the karmas like japas and poojas as said by the guru.

And many more……….

For more information see a scanned book called “paarmahamsya dharma mimamsa” written in sanskrit.You should download ALTERNATIFF to view the scanned book.It is available at,